A preface

Hello all and welcome to an account of a modernized (and some would argue bastardized) version of the American dream. I am a boat Captain and my fiancee is a relentless traveler. Our dog, Charlie, is barely out of his puppy phase (17 months) but is a smart little feller and has traveled farther in a car than most Americans ever do in their lifetimes (from Idaho to Alaska to Florida so far). After I finished up the summer season in Juneau, AK as a Whale Watching Boat Captain, Sararh and I decided to head South for the winter and buy a boat. Shortly after coming to our senses, we realized our meagre earnings wouldn’t buy the palatial trawler or motorsailor we had hoped for and realized that our hopes of owning a motorized, high-speed living room would be better actualized in the form of a 19-year old school bus-come-rv, or “skoolie” as the cool kids call them. So, we invested our hard-earned tin in an old school bus and all that follows is an account of the trials and tribulations of two average people endeavoring to build, live and travel in, an old school bus. Thanks for joining us.

My boat people and me, aboard our boat, The M/V St. Maria, a 150 passenger, quad diesel, quad Hamilton water-jet passenger boat.
Cetacean acrobatics. One of Juneau’s youngest Humpbacks: “Bunsen” plays on a clear afternoon in Saginaw Channel, Juneau, Alaska.
Sarah, Charlie and Austin making the return trip through Northern British Columbia. Northern Rockies Lodge.

4 thoughts on “A preface

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your incredible adventures and journeys! As I told you as you graduated high school my amazing son, “Let your adventures begin!” 💙🤗😘


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