The worst bloggers ever

I have learned something about myself over the last six months, I am a horrible multi-tasker. As it turns out, I’m pretty bad at working full-time, maintaining a relationship, being a dog dad, converting a school bus to a tiny home and maintaining blog. For those of you that follow my Instagram page (capt_arrington), you’ll know that we haven’t been laying around too much this summer and have made pretty good progress on the bus (and our lives for that matter, we got married in September!). Despite missing out on some skoolie-timelapse-building-blog-gold over the last few months, we are well on our way to having this bus liveable. Our hopes are to have it wrapped up and road ready by January, and hopefully have ourselves, our finances and our bus poised for our next big adventure very shortly thereafter. Thanks for being a part of our adventure and look forward to a refreshed stream of projects, ideas and adventures showing up on our page, some looking back at work already complete, but most about this last 25% of our conversion and our transition to being schoolbus-based nomads. We look forward to sharing our next year with you all!

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